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Some teachers find paradoxically that even when away from school, they are unable to release and let go of built up stress. We have now come to the end of term and even during the holiday period when we are meant to relax and enjoy the festive period with family, we are still tightly wound up from trying to meet deadlines by the end of term.

You probably find yourself feeling stressed, anxious and hearing your inner critic at some point each day. You can train yourself to overcome these negative thoughts and feelings.

Use the ten tips below to help you increase your sense of inner peace.

1. Meditate:

Meditation is excellent for lessening stress and anxiety. By learning how to meditate and using it every day you will soon develop the skill of quietening your mind and find inner peace.

2. Change Your Mind:

Having a fluid mind-set instead of fixed one can help you increase your sense of inner peace. This is because you are able to cope with change more easily. As problems occur you will be able to think creatively about how to solve them instead of focusing on the fact that things are not going as expected.

3. Simplify:

By simplifying your life you can remove many of the distractions that prevent you from finding inner peace. Stay away from anyone who has a negative effect on you. Delegate unimportant tasks to others so that you can concentrate on the more important ones.

4. Learn to Say “No!”:

One of the things that impacts on many people’s inner peace is the fact that they don’t say “No!” and so take on too many tasks. By learning to say “No!” you are limiting the items on your to do list to only those you want to do and can cope with. You will also discover how to turn things down graciously without the accompanying guilt and worry.

5. Don’t Multi-Task:

Focus on one task at a time. This will put you in the moment and allow you to put your full attention to it. You’ll increase the likelihood of achieving the flow state will increase your sense of happiness as well as productivity.

6. Be Mindful:

Mindfulness is a powerful tool as it forces you to focus on the present. It takes consistent practice but it is highly beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety. Slow down and focus on what you are doing. Try to use all of your senses to heighten the experience.

7. Use Affirmations:

Affirmations are powerful tools for helping change the way you think and act. You can find examples online or in books. It is easy to write your own. Simply craft a positive statement in the present tense that expresses how you want to think, feel or behave. For example, “I am calm and relaxed. My mind is at peace. I can create the life I desire.”

8. Practice Acceptance:

If you want to find inner peace then you need to cultivate acceptance. There are going to be many things in life that are beyond your control. Instead of worrying about them, accept them and move on. By developing acceptance, you will reduce stress and anxiety.

9. Breathe:

You can reduce your anxiety and stress levels by breathing. The effect is instantaneous. Take a slow deep breath through your nostrils. Hold it for a second and then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat this four more times. Make sure you focus on your breathing throughout and clear your mind of all other thoughts.

10.Live in the Moment:

Instead of worrying about the past or future concentrate on the present. The past is history and cannot be changed. The future is yet to come. Instead focus on the present and what you are doing as you cannot get these moments back once they have passed.

Inner peace can be yours. Why not try one of the actions below and start experiencing it right now?


Actionable Steps:

1. Take a break. Stop whatever you are doing. If possible, get some fresh air and use your senses to become more present. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? How do you feel? Savour and enjoy the moment.

2. Breathe. Use the technique from Tip 9 and achieve a state of calm and relaxation.

3. Create an affirmation. Write it out and put it somewhere you will see it often. Say it out aloud throughout the day.