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Practical & Emotional Wellbeing

Giving Young People Practical Tools

1 in 8 children have a diagnosable mental health disorder – that’s roughly 3 children in every classroom.

  1. Well-being is integral to the learning process. It is a skill that can be learned and cultivated.
  2. We are passionate about teaching young people practical tools for emotional wellbeing and this programme will provide them with both support and skills for self-management. 
  2. During this programme young people will have the opportunity to:

Learn simple practices they will be able to use by themselves, which include: 

  • Breathing practice and Mindfulness
  • Gratitude practice
  • Journal keeping/reflective diary
  • Self-esteem
  • Relaxation through music and art
  • Grounding exercises for calm

This programme has many benefits for schools as students can expect to develop: 

  • Clearer focus and enhanced creativity
  • Improved learning, memory and performance in exams
  • Better behaviour, self-control and social skills
  • Overall better self-management, mental health and resilience
  • A more confident self-image

This programme is for 3 sessions for an investment of £299.

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